About me.

Hello, my name is Mufti Haqiqi and I am a graphic/web designer  and illustrator based in Japan.

I have been working as a professional graphic designer for over than 10 years. I love all kind of artworks since I was a little kid. I have very different viewpoint when I see objects, designing is my passion which makes me feel alive. Design for me is a reacting, feeling situation, where I feel an interaction between myself and the object, I feel most alive when I design something. I have professional and academic experience in commercial arts such as print, digital imaging, typography and multimedia design with a strong emphasis on branding and logo design.

Aside from designing I have big passion in drawing, guitars and beers! I am familiar with Digital Audio Workstations and recording technics.


  • Design + Layout
  • Brand Identity / Logo
  • Web Design with Content Management System
  • Illustration / Photo Manipulation / Web Banners
  • Hand lettering


“Mufti, its been a delight working with you on my project! Your communication and technical ability is outstanding and I will recommend anyone I know to use you as a designer if in need. Many Thanks!”

Scott Tunngat, England UK.

“Mufti is a wonderful professional. The creative work is awesome as well as commitment and attention to the cliente. It was a pleasure being able to work with such a nice professional. I would definitelly want to work together again.”

– Rafael Ucha, Homem Social, Sao Paulo Brasil

“Extremely talented!, Great to work with, no complaints. He has my highest recommendations.”

– Elia Morling, Sweden.

“Haqiqi is the exemplar of customer service and words cannot express how pleased I am with the work done on my illustration. Haqiqi went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure every detail was checked and that no stones were left unturned. Furthermore, Haqiqi kept me informed throughout the entire design process. Haqiqi would solicit my feedback and make any changes I requested. In fact, not only did Haqiqi make any change I requested, but Haqiqi also made these changes instantly.

At the same time, Haqiqi treated me with the utmost respect and provided me with VIP treatment. I simply cannot say enough good things about my positive experiences working with Haqiqi . I have worked with various designers on a myriad of projects and never before have had I had the opportunity to work with someone who listens as well as Haqiqi . Haqiqi not only listens, but Haqiqi also ensures everyone involved is on the same page. Haqiqi is the only graphic designer who I have ever dealt with that realizes how important communication is in the entire design process. My only regret is that I did not have the opportunity to work with Haqiqi sooner.”

– Brenden Moore, Consultant & Strategist, Chicago, USA

“We are a relatively new company and were looking to drastically rebrand our image. On top of that, we are extremely particular by nature, which leads to a lot of indecision. Mufti was incredibly intuitive and patient with us every step of the way. Some designers can become frustrated, but we never felt that way with Mufti. He listened carefully to our ideas, offered valuable suggestions and advice without being pushy, and always executed each proof on time with the the utmost professionalism. Oh, and by the way, he’s an AMAZING designer who possesses a deep understanding of art and design principles. We are thrilled to have his work representing our company and would highly recommend him to anyone looking to elevate their brand.”

– Zac Greenbaum, Pilotfish.tv Los Angeles CA. USA

“Completely Satisfied! Will for sure ask you to work on our next project! Thanks again! “

– Anthony Monetti A.M.P.E.D, New Jersey, USA

“Mufti have a casual style. He has a unique, friendly, and artistic personality. Mufti has a aesthetic value “class”, especially in the field of design.”

– Yuniawan Heru, Information System at Airlangga University, Indonesia

“Mufti was a pleasure to work with. Fast and efficient and right from the beginning, understood exactly what we were looking for.”

– Marianne of Prudential Sussex Realty- Gary Born, Vancouver, Canada

“Mufti is a friendly and easy to talk with, and he understands my expectation/request without massive communication. He also adds his taste on its design which I request for, which always beyond my expectation.
I rely on his design skill and motivation.”

– Hideo Yamaguchi, CTO at AUR, Inc.Tokyo, Japan

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